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  Animal Hospital of North Alabama

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About Our Personalized Care


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Minimum is best and we vaccinate only for diseases that your animal is at risk for and use products that we believe are the most safe and efficacious.  We are happy to discuss why and what we are vaccinating for.


 We can provide a written prescription during a scheduled office visit.  We do not accept faxed or telephone prescription requests.  An annual examination and appropriate testing is required by law to provide any medication.  If you have questions about this policy, we will be happy to provide you more information.

​Our North Alabama veterinary hospital is devoted to your pet’s well being.

Our Animal Hospital in North Alabama has been operating over 30 years.

We provide a variety of veterinary medical services for small animals in Hazel Green and surrounding areas including: Meridianville, New Market, Toney, Madison, Park City, Fayetteville, Ardmore, and North Huntsville.

Philosophy of the practice

We consider ourselves advocates for the animal and want them to benefit from treatments and procedures we give them.  We want to provide you with different options for treatments if possible and believe that you, the client, should be involved in the decision making process for treating your pet.


Humane euthanasia is the hardest procedure and clearly difficult for all involved.  Dr. Hayes does not euthanize on demand, but expects a relationship with all involved.


Payment is expected at time of service.  We do not bill.  We can discuss other options in advance and are happy to give estimates.

Thank you and we look forward to a long and healthy relationship with you and your pet!  Please contact us to book your appointment!

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